By Swaminathan|Feb 19, 2014
Claims it has no control over the prices
Tags: News, CT Impact
By Swaminathan|Jan 30, 2014
The same technique was handled with Mangalore partner who lost products of worth INR 11,500
By Swaminathan|Jan 17, 2014
The need of a committee was highlighted by Channel Times
By Swaminathan|Jan 06, 2014
The issue was sorted out after 'Channel Times' came into picture
By Sandhya Malhotra|Dec 31, 2013
The distributor has also alleged that Envent and its owners are cheating everybody in the market to whom they have owned the money and they are not paying back to them
Tags: CT Impact
By Swaminathan|Dec 04, 2013
Market rumors insisted that the company planned to shift gears in the home segment after its power solutions market share started declining in enterprise space
Tags: CT Impact
By Swaminathan|Nov 13, 2013
Partner from Kumbakonam accused the company of encouraging service partners to sell products by circumventing resellers.
Tags: CT Impact
By Swaminathan|Nov 07, 2013
A team is about to visit Mangalore and review the situation
Tags: CT Impact
By Swaminathan|Nov 06, 2013
The company claims that component shortage was the reason for non-delivery. The issue was raised by resellers through Channel Times.
Tags: CT Impact
By Sandhya Malhotra|Oct 28, 2013
Sends a note to members warning them against Empire Infotech, which, it claims may not be playing straight in its dealings.
Tags: CT Impact
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