-B Swaminathan

Madgoan, June 30: There has always been a fear of online marketplaces pushing the brick and mortgage business to the brink. The state of Goa with its high education levels and computer penetration, is already feeling the heat and as much as 70% of the sales has been hit due to the emergence of e-shopping.

Sudeer Prabhu left and Prabhu Desai

In an exclusive interview with Channel Times, Prabu Desai and Sudeer Prabu of Goa IT association (GIBA), pointed out the pain points in the market.

“Recently I received a message from a fellow dealer requesting the online players to sell a poison bottle online, which all the dealers can drink along with the employees and happily end our life,” said Desai.

He says that the last two years, due to the higher penetration of the computers and higher education level, everyone is asking for the rates displayed online. “However, they do not believe if we tell that our landing price is higher than the rates in the online market place and I can say 70% business is hit by the unethical market places slashing the prices,” says Desai.

Sudeer Prabu added that unethical distribution practice adds fuel to the existing fire. “Our market is located near Maharashtra and Karnataka. We cannot bill in mass numbers from distributors for special rate. However, few partners from the neighboring border district, who are not able to meet the numbers in their region pump the products into our territory with under-cutting of the rates.”

He added that many resellers are induced and influenced not to bill from the local distributors.

Both agreed that unavailability of spare parts during the warranty period is a key issue faced by the partners, and the vendors should seriously look at stocking the materials.