However, it is not feasible for everyone to afford a new bike. Especially, those who are students and bachelors. In this situation, a used bike, which comes at an affordable price, fulfills the requirement. Along with the bike, it is important to have a bike insurance, which you can get by comparing the 2 wheeler insurance online or offline.

Why should you buy a used bike?
If you are in one of the following situations, you must opt for used bike rather than buying a new one.
1. If you are learning to ride a bike – If you are new to bike riding. It is advisable to buy a used bike, learn perfectly how to ride a bike and later on you can switch to the bike of your choice
2. Budget Constraint – If you have recently moved out of state and dependent on your family for your studies. You will not want to overburden your family with a few more financial responsibilities. Buying a used bike is a very good decision in that case.
3. No intention to settle down in the state you have moved in - If you are a student or bachelor and have recently moved to a new state, and will not stay in the new state for more than 2-3 years, you would want to buy an affordable bike for those years along with a good bike insurance.
4. Good Deals – Most of the times, people would sell their bikes only to upgrade themselves to a newer version. Thus, they might sell their bike at a comparatively cheaper market price. If someone is getting a good deal with a bike, which is in a good condition, opting for such used bike will be beneficial rather than spending on a new bike. Then get a good two wheeler insurance for the same.
Advantages of buying a used bike
Buying used items is not always a bad decision. There are a few advantages associated with it.
● Affordability – Used bikes are easier to afford than buying a new bike. Instead of spending the money on buying a new bike, it will be a good idea to spend lesser money on a used bike and then getting a bike insurance for the same.
● Negotiation – If you are planning to buy a used bike, you are in power to negotiate over higher prices asked if the seller is in a hurry to sell his bike. You can get a bike at a cheaper rate.
● Extra edge on Insurance coverage Plan – As the previous bike owner must be using a bike insurance, he can guide you through the process. You just have to compare bike insurance and get the best one for your bike to keep it safe.
Necessary things to keep in mind for buying a used bike
There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a used bike. A few of them are listed below.
1. Examine the bike carefully and ask the owner about the model, usage, number of services. Make a checklist beforehand.
2. Take an expert with you when you go bike shopping as you might not know what to look for in a used bike for the very first time.
3. The vehicle identification number is important for any bike. Every bike owner needs to have a VIN on bike and paper.
4. Get the bill of the sale in writing, complete information about the seller, bike information with signatures from both the parties on the agreement paper.
5. If the owner does not let you ride the bike for testing purpose, you should ask the owner to ride the bike in front of you a couple times.
6. Read the agreement clause carefully as once you agree to the terms and conditions, the seller has no accountability if anything goes wrong with the bike.
7. Know about all the flaws, the point of failure for the bike you are purchasing irrespective of the geographic location of the bike.
8. Bike insurance will be a mandatory thing for your bike. Ask the seller about the 2 wheeler insurance plan he has taken. Compare bike insurance online before making a decision to buy one.
Bikes are a convenient option for any traveler in India. Getting a used bike is also sometimes a wise decision considering several factors and the current situation. Get the bike and insurance together for the longevity of your bike.