Adobe Systems has launched its initiative to battle software piracy working in collaboration with local law enforcement and government authorities across India.

Designed to curb software piracy across various industries, this initiative includes 25 civil enforcement actions recently conducted across six major cities and other key locations within India.

Organizations suspected of unlawfully using Adobe software are potentially liable for both civil and criminal penalties, including payment of damages and undertaking actions to use fully licensed software only.

The enforcement actions recently undertaken on behalf of Adobe encompassed a broad cross section of users within commercial institutions, the IT and BPO industry, and other organizations dealing with creative content.

Each year, software companies worldwide lose over US$ 47 billion in revenue to piracy, according to research conducted by the Business Software Alliance.

Commenting on the drive, Sandeep Mehrotra, Sales Director, Adobe India, said, "Our first priority is to inform and excite our customers about the power of Adobe Creative and Business Solutions. At the same, time we educate our users on Adobe licensing programs and the concept of Software Asset Management to ensure they are working within the law. Where we find flagrant violations of our intellectual property, we will take legal action against both the distribution channel and purchaser to protect our rights."