Newly formed Association will benefit the dealers of the region


Aug 5, 2013: The IT Association of Bagalkot was formalised last week. Bagalkot is a district in north Karnataka. To mark the occasion, the Association organised a meeting for the members where S.R.Patil, Minister for Information Technology and Bio-Technology, who hails from Bagalkot was invited as the chief guest.

Aravinda Kora, president of the Association introduced the entire team of AIT-Bagalkot. Kora assured that the Association will grow in both strength and quality and will stand for the benefit of all the dealers in Bagalkot. He extended his thanks to Federation of Information Technology Dealers Associations Karnataka (FITDAK) for its support in the conduct of the meet.

“I shall take it as my biggest responsibility to see that the IT industry will gain its lost glory in Karnataka and restore its charisma that the Silicon Valley of India, Karnataka enjoyed during M.S.Krishna’s regime. I assure all the support to AIT-Bagalkot and FITDAK- Karnataka whenever they need help,” said Patil during his speech at the felicitation.

Speaking to the delegates, he said that he is aware of how powerful his portfolio is and the same made him a highly influential personality in Karnataka, with global IT entrepreneurs and software industry, all over the world. Asked about possibility of an IT Park for Bagalkot, the state minister assured members that it was on his mind and he will work towards it though he cannot guarantee it.
TE Connectivity, the sponsor of the event made a presentation on TE’s opportunities and the diversified offerings in diversified verticals.

“FITDAK played yet another key role in making another milestone happen in the history of IT dealers’ associations of Karnataka, with the help of commendable and tremendous efforts of Bagalkot IT Dealers, under the leadership of Mr.Aravind Kora, the President of AIT-Bagalkot,” said B Anand Rao, chartered president of FIDTAK who was invited for the function.

“FITDAK has assured its fullest support to AIT-Bagalkot and other remote districts in Karnataka in terms of arranging few hands-on training sessions on chosen topics/subjects that are very much needed by the district dealers. FITDAK is working on conducting hands-on training programs from second week of August in Bagalkot. Bagalkot must set an example for other districts to start their operations where associations are yet to start,” Rao concluded.

B Swaminathan