-B Swaminathan

Bengaluru, July 7: Association of Information Technology, Bengaluru, is planning to introduce credit guidelines for the members of the association that houses end-resellers, system-integrators, sub-distributors and regional-distributors.

Association of information technology

Speaking to Channel Times Ketan B Shah, secretary, said, “We are creating these guidelines to make sure that no member in the association should suffer because of unethical credit practices by select-partners. Thanks to our strong internal communications, we think that those credit defaulters will be alerted immediately so that fellow members will know about the same.”

Kethan Shah

Shah further added that the current team was looking to protect the welfare of the members at the ground level rather than mooting out plans on expanding the association. “We will also be training our members on the tax-related issues and equip them to face the policy changes from the government in terms of tax-related issues,” he added.

“We are all aware of the credit abuse prevailing in the market. We at AIT are striving to build a practical and functional Credit guidelines which in turn will help the fraternity to carry on with the business activities smoothly. AIT will be shortly updating these guidelines,” said Satish Rao, ECM of the association, who was also present during the interaction.

Satish Rao