—CT News Bureau

Pune, Feb 9: BMC Software has set up a Customer Experience Centre (CEC) where customers can see real time IT solutions management in its entirety. Located within the premises of BMC India’s R&D facility in Pune.

“The Pune Centre is a technology immersion centre where customers can talk to engineers, lay hands on products and see their implementation,” said Bob Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, BMC Software.

“It is where solutions management can be witnessed in real action in its entirety,” he said, adding that nearly 98% of Fortune 500 companies are their customers. The Network Operation Centre within the CEC is manned by two engineers round the clock.

The Pune R&D Centre recently moved to a new office which will serve as a model for every BMC office in the world. “This is the model we are using to rebuild our office in Houston,” he says.

With over 60% of the company’s total R&D originating here, and a fourth of its global workforce, India hosts the third largest innovative centre after the US and Israel. Another centre is being planned in Silicon Valley.

Tarun Sharma, VP, R&D and head, BMC India and Ukraine, said the company was moving into its fourth phase of growth, which involves a customer-centric approach, innovation and thought leadership.