Busy 12 is user-friendly, ideal for micro, small and medium enterprises

New Delhi: BUSY, one of the most popular Accounting and Inventory Management software for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India, with over half-a-million users in over 20 countries, announced the launch of BUSY 12, with host of new features and enhanced functionalities including sale and purchase quotation, customizable reports, data access through SMS, e-mail, auto back-up of data, and provision for voucher audit.

In BUSY 12, the user can customize the reports to suit his needs. He can add new columns or rows in existing reports, hide existing columns from reports, apply formulae between report columns, create multiple formats for each report, tag users with report formats, and link report columns to database using SQL queries. BUSY 12 comes with an automatic data back-up facility using which the user won’t have to spend time on taking back-up of his critical business data. This feature comes with an automatic data scheduler which lets the user take the back-up of all companies in one go, separate the folders date wise, take back-up of the data for any number of days. The user will get auto generated email alerts for any operation related to data back-up.

Moving a step forward in allowing anytime anywhere accounting, BUSY 12 lets its users access their data through SMS or E-mail. The user can now access his business information like account balance, outstanding bills and stock balance on his mobile phone through SMS and ledger, outstanding bills, and daily Sale Purchase receipts on his e-mail. Not only that, the user can now let his Customers or Vendors know their account balance, outstanding details on their own.

With BUSY 12, the user can now prepare Sales and Purchase Quotation. The user can customize the quotation format to suit his requirements. He can also link the quotation with corresponding Order, Challan, and Invoices. BUSY 12 also offers a feature that would help the user in securing their data against theft or misuse thus maintaining a better control mechanism. Using this feature user can bind his company data with selective computers so that the data is accessible only from those computers eliminating the risk of theft. In addition to this, users of a company in BUSY data can also be bound with selective computers.

BUSY 12 comes in three editions with each edition addressing needs specific to various growth stages of MSMEs– Basic Edition for traders and distributors requiring basic features, Standard Edition for traders, retailers and manufacturers requiring power features and Enterprise Edition for small and medium enterprises.