However, you need to complete the process with precision. When you buy a car, you have to get it registered properly, you need to buy a new car insurance plan, etc. Take a look at this article to know more about these steps.

A guide to buying a new car

• Keep the budget in mind: You may want to buy the fanciest car out there, but you have to be realistic. Make a budget before you go shopping. If you need to take a car loan, keep the EMI structure in mind. Also, remember, higher the cost of the car, more the car insurance premium. You won’t be able to buy and drive a car peacefully if it becomes a financial liability. There will be expenses related to car servicing as well. So, make a proper, affordable budget and stick to it. Thankfully, cars are available in all budgets and you will surely find a suitable model.
• Think of the usage: Do you want a car to go on frequent road trips or do you want one for daily commute? Think about he car’s usage and then select one appropriately. Also, think whether you want a petrol, diesel, CNG or electric model.
• Choose the correct dealer: Do some research and select the best car dealer around you. Also look for the offers and the discounts. You will have a smooth and satisfying car buying experience if you purchase the vehicle from a good and trustworthy dealer.
• Be practical about the accessories: Be practical while selecting car accessories. Do not just purchase them because they seem attractive. These accessories while increase the cost of the car, thus be judicious while purchasing them.
• Keep the documents ready: If you are buying the car on EMI basis or need to take a loan for it, you might need to submit certain documents to the car dealer and bank, respectively. You will need an ID proof. For this you can use any government-issued document such as your Passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc. You will also need an address proof. Here too you can use any authorized document that has your address printed on it. The Aadhaar card, Passport, etc. work well for this. Then, you also need to keep some documents ready for the new car insurance plan. Keep them ready and get set to drive your car with ease.
• Register the vehicle: Before you buy car insurance online or offline, you need to register your car with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Most likely, your car dealer will help you with this process. Once the car is registered, you will get the number plate and will be legally ready to take it out for a spin. Do not make the mistake of driving your new car without registering it first. If you are pulled up by the traffic police, you will end up in a lot of legal trouble.
• Get an insurance cover: As stated, you need insurance for your car. You cannot drive your vehicle (legally) till the time it is insured. So, compare and buy car insurance online to get a good deal. Choose a suitable car insurance premium and you will not face any problems thereafter. Your dealer, in all probability, will offer you a new car insurance plan when you buy the vehicle. Don’t blindly take the offer. Go over the features of the plan and see whether or not it would suit you. If you are satisfied, opt for it, else look online. Purchasing car insurance online is an easy and a convenient process.

The bottom line

Complete all the procedures and documentation with utmost honesty. Once that is done, you will be on your way to get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. You might have waited a long time to buy your dream car. Let the wait end this new year!