Partner program
Virtualization and Cloud vendor, Citrix rolled out a new program for its partners that will club five channel incentive programs in one bouquet.

This amalgamation of the program into a signal structure is aimed at simplifying the way channel companies approach for incentives.

The combined incentive program, named Ultimate Rewards, was unveiled at this week’s Citrix Summit 2018.

The initiative aims at the “simplification of our partner program structure and the process involved,” TechTarget quoted Paul Fecteau, managing director of partner programs and operations at Citrix as saying.

Citrix, before the restructuring, operated five program components: Citrix Advisor Rewards (CAR), CAR Plus, CAR Bonus, Opportunity Registration and Net New Partner-Sourced (NNPS).
With the changed system, partners can register a deal without having to apply for the individual incentives. Now partners have to provide information on the customers and the systems’ built-in intelligence will reflect the discount elements for which a Citrix partner qualifies, as per Fecteau.
“They can register deals … without having to understand the intricacies,” he said.

As part of the Citrix Ultimate Rewards lift-up disclosed at this year’s summit, Partners incentives has been segmented into two discount programs- Spark and Drive and a rebate program named Accelerate. Accelerate offers a quarterly aggregated rebate.