Citrix Systems, a provider of application delivery infrastructure, has unveiled Web 2.0 Push technology as an integrated feature of its Citrix NetScaler product line. The new capability is specifically designed to address the demands that today’s interactive Web 2.0 applications are placing on server infrastructures.

In order to create a rich interactive experience, Web 2.0 applications need to maintain a one-to-one user connection to backend servers for extended periods, which severely taxes datacenter resources and adversely impacts performance and scalability. NetScaler is the first application delivery controller to streamline this process by ‘pushing’ data directly to thousands of users concurrently, offloading web servers from this burdensome task, the company said. As a result, server costs for delivering Web 2.0 applications can be reduced by five to ten times.

With its new Web 2.0 Push technology, NetScaler can now transmit data to application users directly from the NetScaler systems deployed in front of the datacenter.

Klaus Oestermann, Group VP and GM (NetScaler Product Group), Citrix, said, "We have put a unique focus on Web 2.0 optimization in our NetScaler research and development labs, and as one of the first results, we have now created a technology that hits at the core of this problem. NetScaler now reduces overall Web 2.0 TCO by up to 90 percent and server capacity needed for Web 2.0 application by up to 10 times, while at the same time acting as the only application delivery controller to support proactive push capabilities. The feedback from our customers has been extremely positive."