-B Swaminathan
Singapore: Perfect, a networking player in the SOHO segment is venturing strongly in India through their national distributor Electrocheval, feels that the one nation one tax system has expedited their product deliveries.

In an exclusive interaction with Channel Times, Satpal Singh, COO, Perfect Networking, said, “The key networking trends I see in APAC region are Urban connectivity, Smart city initiative and focus to connect more Indian sub-continental Population by the internet. Our products are unique as each SKU is having some additional features by keeping in mind the Indian sub-continental hot weather, humidity factors so that device can perform well into extreme heat and also on heavy lightning”

Singh further added that the key reasons a channel partner can start doing business with perfect are to ensure profitability, support, and commitments to grow together.

Speaking further about the challenges in the market, he said, the biggest issue is to ensure that the technology you select solves the client’s problem. One should know how it works, how to deploy it and verify that it will map the client’s needs. Perfect claims it has prompt product, technical and design team who keep such issues in mind while developing their products.

New Tax System In Place:
According to Singh, the introduction of one nation one tax GST system helps us to accelerate the deliveries of products to their channel partners. “Although there are some teething challenges which are there in GST which we are very hopeful that it will resolve in near future. Adding to that, the initiatives including the BharatNet, smart cities, at government level helps to generate the products demand in channel as well as awareness in people about networking products.”

Perfect is targeting channel partners among emerging city and activating channel from areas where networking is a new subject for them. Speaking about the training and after sale support, he said “We empower our channel partners by providing pre and post sales training to their sales and support team about products features, trouble shooting, and sales incentive schemes. Modes of trainings are face to face and web training along with offline contents which is handy as and available when needed.”