-B Swaminathan

Chennai, Oct 30: A few days after the PACT boycotted laptop vendors, Confed-ITA has decided to stop billing the distributors from Nov. 1, as a protest against failing to curb the unethical pricing of the online marketplaces.


The Confed-ITA had earlier warned against this practice (click here read) and they bore brunt during the Diwali season, when e-marketplaces had a lot of offers running.

The association recently held a meeting chaired by the president of the association M. Natrajan, which was attended by member associations across the state. As many as 40 regional distributors handling all the brands participated and shared their views, opinions, future course of actions and possible solutions.

“We had come to a three-point decision, which was handed over to floor to get the majority of opinion. We have decided to stop billing from ND’s and Manufacturers for all IT products from November 1, till further information and advisory from Confed-ITA,” said Natarajan, president of the association.

ConfedITA Meeting

Natarajan also added that during the billing ban period if any vendor agrees to meet the demands of Confed-ITA and billing will be revoked for that particular vendor. “It will be conveyed properly and billing will happen only after three days from the date of decision. During the ban period B2B orders loaded already with ND can be executed after getting a consent and an approval from respective district association’s president,” he added.

If the distributors at the regional level do not comply with the request, appropriate action will be taken and Confed-ITA members will join for ‘Dharna’ called by CAIT on Oct. 31.

This follows the boycott by Punjab association (click here to read) and the South India association president has requested all the associations in South India to join the protest.