Dell India today announced the launch of a new initiative entitled ‘Genuine Gainz’ for channel partners on a wide array of products from Dell including Vostro and Inspiron desktops and laptops such as the Dell Latitude and the Alienware range.

Under this program, the company will provide training and support to its channel partners on the benefits that original Windows and Office provide to customers on Dell PCs. Kick starting this initiative will be a nationwide partner ‘Chai and Samosa’ meet across major metro and non-metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Nagpur, Jaipur and Patna to name a few.

This initiative is aimed at empowering and educating channel partners on the benefits that customers gain with Dell PCs with original Windows 7 software. Partners will also have the opportunity to participate in a contest where they can win a variety of gifts including a trip to Thailand, a 32" LCD TV with an XBOX 360 and a Chevrolet Beat.

"Our purpose is simple to help people accomplish personal tasks with greater ease and for businesses to gain a competitive advantage through the innovative use of technology. Genuine Gainz will help our customers to understand the benefits of genuine software through our channel partners," said Mahesh Bhalla, Executive Director and General Manager, Consumer, Dell India.

Commenting on the launch of this initiative, Rishi Shrivastava, Group Director-OEM, Microsoft India said, "Windows 7 is seeing a very strong uptake in India and we are excited of the combined value we can provide for customers. We will continually invests in technologies and programs that make piracy difficult and in Windows 7 we have built technologies that help users differentiate between original and counterfeit software. This initiative by Dell will help channel partners understand and address customer queries on the value that original Windows and Office provide and also help achieve our mutual goal which is greater innovation and value for our customers."

Partners play a crucial role in educating customers on the benefits that original Windows provides to users in their laptops and desktops. Infact, the latest BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study highlights that piracy in India is currently pegged at 65 percent, with the losses to the economy amounting to over US$2.03 billion in 2009. According to a study by BSA, The Economic Benefits of Lowering PC Software Piracy 2008, a ten point reduction in PC software piracy would deliver an additional 44,000 new jobs, $200 million in tax revenues, and $3.1 billion in economic growth in India.

Consumers will be safeguarded from the multifarious threats presented by pirated software on Dell computers. The effects of malware can range from annoying advertisements to a severe breach of information security and loss of critical and personal data. In a recent study, KPMG states that over 39 percent of organizations reported security incident of non-genuine software detection in their IT environment while more than 60 percent of websites surveyed include a varying degree of threat vectors that can potentially impact information systems security.