CT News Bureau

Dell Financial Services, the company’s in-house financing company, is now opted as the financing instrument for VMWare. This is win-win for both Dell EMC’s partner recruitment efforts and the drive to draw VMWare more closely to Dell EMC while keeping VMWare’s independence intact.

This means VMWare’s partners that are not Dell EMC partners now will be going through Dell Financial Services to accrue financing for VMWare deals, CRN quoted Darren Fedorowicz, Dell Financial Services’ executive director of business development as saying.

He further said that Dell Financial Services has been engaging with more than 100 new partners every quarter, and many are attaching to them due to VMWare liaison.

Dell Financial services has been operating for about 20 years now, and has seen rapid growth over the years. The VMWare relationship is even more proof to the company spreading out.

This setting with VMWare “helps VMware because they now have a dedicated manager,” Fedorowicz said. “They get a dedicated manager, and can say, ‘I need these installments, here’s the partner I’m working with, can you work out all the administrative logistics of it?’ and they get a dedicated person who can do that.”