Digisol routerNetworking solutions provider, Digisol, has introduced its wireless broadband router DG-BR4000N for communication between wireless and wired notebooks/desktop computers in the network. The DG-BR4000N can provide wireless data transmission rate up to 150Mbps, which enhances the sharing of files, photos, audio, video and gaming experience over a wireless network.

This connectivity solution is designed specifically for the Home and Small Business environments. It can also provide Internet connectivity to the network. It complies with IEEE 802.11n standard and is backward compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g standards. In addition, it supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x with AES). It also supports 64/128 bit WEP encryption, which offers first level of security to home users, providing confidentiality on the wireless network.

With the built in NAT/NAPT IP sharing function, this router allows multiple wired or wireless users to simultaneously share an Internet connection. It also provides virtual server and virtual DMZ functions to let your internal servers in the Intranet be accessed from the Internet and still can provide services to the Internet users.

The DG-BR4000N Wireless Broadband Router supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) technology, which can enhance the performance by applying QoS for certain network applications like audio/video streaming, VoIP and others. With WMM function, it assigns priority to different types of data for better throughput.

Wireless connection from the DG-BR4000N to an ISP’s Access Point is also possible. When it is configured in Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) mode it repeats the signal from a WISP to home or office, simultaneously allowing connection of both wired and wireless stations to the Internet.

The DG-BR4000N is available in the market at an approximate street price of Rs. 1,600 and comes with lifetime warranty.