Press Release

Doctor Insta, India’s 1st Video-Medicine company announces the launch of its services in India. The path breaking platform aims to fix the current problems of Accessibility, Reliability and Consistency in India’s $100 Billion Health Care Market and to bring quality Healthcare to everyone’s finger “Taps”; Anytime, Anywhere.


Doctor Insta bridges the gap between doctors and patients through an innovative digital platform across different medical fields such as General Medicine, Paediatrics, Diet & Nutrition and Psychology. Company’s mission is to empower people to lead healthy lifestyles and live longer by 10 years and to enhance productivity of people by 15% and reduce infection rate.

Backed by an experienced and veteran team of doctors and management professionals, Doctor Insta is disrupting the status quo of Indian healthcare industry.

Through video/audio, the highly educated and trained doctors at Doctor Insta can listen, and engage with the patients to diagnose and to offer effective treatment in 15-30 mins, thus saving 3-4 hours of ones’ time.

By providing 24×7x365 access to quality healthcare, standard pricing, stringent QA/QC policies to on-board good quality caregivers and offering 100% Satisfaction guarantee to users, Doctor Insta is resolving the problem of accessibility, consistency and reliability in the $100 Billion healthcare market.Since Users can consult doctors in the privacy of their home/office, one doesn’t have to deal with getting any new Infection or Social Stigma (in specialties like Psychology, Sexology). Doctor Insta also has a robust ePRM (electronic Patient Record Management) to retain patient health history and diagnosis for the rest of one’s life.

Elevating user convenience to a whole new level, Doctor Insta has strategic alliances with Online Pharmacies and Diagnostic Labs to provide users one-stop solution for their healthcare needs. Doctor Insta can be accessed via any smartphone (Android or iOS) and though Web.

Speaking at the launch, Amit Munjal, Co-Founder & CEO, Doctor Insta said, “I want everyone in India to have access to quality healthcare anytime of the day and anywhere they want. I really hope that by providing Instant Healthcare access, we can increase Average Indian’s lifespan by 10 years and productivity of the nation by 15-20%. I take great pride in the fact that Doctor Insta is a triple bottom line company with positive impact on People (Better Health) and Planet first (Lower Carbon Footprint) & then Profits for the investors”.