Mumbai: Enjay IT Solutions Ltd, a Bhilad based Cloud solution provider, has announced the appointment of Sanjay Desai as vice president, international sales. Desai brings over 22 years of experience in IT Industry for solutions and system integration.

Sanjay Desai

In his new role, Desai will be responsible for handling International Sales of company’s offerings based on Sugar Platform, which includes Add-ons, Support, customization, consultancy and other Services, Licenses of Sugar etc. This also includes appointing distribution partners or implementation partners or sales, referral and investor partners.

Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions said “We are very excited to have Sajay Desai onboard our Team. He will add a special flavor to Enjay’s international efforts. With his rich experience and strong connections, I am sure he will be able to make lots of ‘Strong and Strategic Alliances’ which are beneficial to Enjay in long run”.

“Enjay is aggressively entering International market with its offerings built around Sugar Platform. To achieve our goals we need to have lots of strategic planning and policy work, Hence we need senior person to handle this role. Who else than Sanjay Desai would have been more fit for this role. We are looking forward to see Enjay reach new heights with Sanjay joining Team Enjay”, he added.

“With global CRM market rapidly expanding and SugarCRM emerging as a market leader, I am sure Enjay will have a very important role to play in the scheme of things. We are also looking forward to signing up distributors and strategic partners across the world with SugarCRM Partners. We are also working very closely with cross US, EU, Australia and Middle East market to have strong presence there”, Desai, said

Enjay IT Solutions is a developer of cloud based solutions. The company is also engaged in solutions like Thin Clients, CRM, Telephony, Storage and Linux on Desktop. The company has a healthy partner eco-system across India and Overseas. Enjay is also Channel Partner of SugarCRM, USA.