As per a survey conducted by cloud hosting provider, iland, as much as 47 per cent of the IT administrators blindly trust their cloud service provider for security agreements without any verification.

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The study also reveals that more number of businesses now give more weight age to cloud security as compared to in house environments, but are just relying on the security claims of their cloud service provider. The survey participants also said that IT administrators prefer delaying the deployment of an application, citing security concerns than deploying it in an unsecured environment.

”This reflects a tactical shift in organizational environments, where business no longer considers security personnel as naysayers, but allies who are committed to fighting threats,’ said the report.
With cloud security being recognized as of utmost priority, IT managers are using more tools on cloud environments as compared to on premise IT infrastructure.

The survey indicated that 48 per cent more security tools are being utilized in cloud technologies as compared to in-house IT frameworks.Moreover, security comes as the top priority for businesses, followed by performance, reliability and costs, while picking a cloud service provider.

There is also a considerable gap in the understanding of IT compliance requirements, as per the survey as while 96 per cent of the security professionals recognize that their organization have compliance related applications, only 69 per cent of IT teams recognized the same.

“As is often the case in technology, the crux of the problem, when it comes to cloud security, has shifted from the technology of securing the cloud to the operations and management - the people side - of securing the cloud,” said Justin Giardina, CTO, iland.