-B Swaminathan

Kolkata, Oct 5: Following the third meeting in Mumbai, Kolkata-based COMPASS hosted the FAIITA conclave in Kolkata.

The theme of the conclave was in sync with FAIITA’s vision statement ‘Growth with Unity’ at the 3rd conclave in Mumbai. The agenda included open session for state presidents followed by a review of progress of committees formed during the Mumbai conclave. Predatory pricing and warranty issues of brand owners will henceforth be dealt proactively by the online committee.

FAIITA president Champak Raj Gurjar announced commencement of SME chapter in FAIITA with an objective to take advantage of business opportunities from ‘Digital India’ and `Make in India’ initiatives through synergetic member consortiums.

Grievances and business disputes amongst members and members with ND/RD/Customer
will be settled fairly through ADR.

Nick Chen of FOXCONN flew from TAIWAN at the behest of Gurjar with an offer for FAIITA members on their product distribution tie ups. Chen spoke about how every FAIITA member had the opportunity to become Steve Jobs through the hi-tech India and export India initiatives.

The conclave was attended by over 50 leaders from countrywide state associations and
federations. Pawan Jajodia, President, COMPASS and Saket Kapur, General Secretary FAIITA were present.
The association had also made a live-webcast of the entire event. FAIITA