-B Swaminathan

Mumbai, July 6: The Federation of Information Technology Association (FAIITA) has signed a partnership with the New Taipei Association. This partnership offers both organizations an opportunity to get visibility in each others’ countries, provides platform for knowledge sharing, and helps promote seminars/events and trade fairs.
As reported by ‘Channel Times’ earlier, the associations were in talks for a long time. (click here to read).

This gives the Indian association an opportunity to be a part of trade fairs, conferences and seminars conducted across the country. In return, the Taiwan Association gets access to the IT technologies in India.
FAIITA meeting
“This is the first agreement between the two associations. With this, Indian channel partners will have access to technologies from Taiwan. We will also be conducting seminars and sessions across the country as per the agreement,” said Champakraj Gurjar, president of the FAIITA.

The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the delegation organized by the Taiwan trade development agency-Taitra in Mumbai.

The members can also leverage benefits of system-integration and tie up for distribution of products either on a national or regional level.