-B Swaminathan

Mangaluru, March 26: Karnataka state IT association FiTDAK , organized their state AGM that was attended by the 13 member district associations here recently.


FiTDAK, established in 2013 had its first meeting 500 dealers across the state in Mysore. The first AGM was hosted by MITDA (Mangalore IT Dealers’ Association) and witnessed the participation of over 100 delegates from 13 districts. As per Federation’s By-laws, its general body consists of all the Office bearers & EC Members of the entire district associations and the invite was extended to all its district members.

Kasturi Gopinath Pai, the Vice President, said that FiTDAK’s relentless efforts creating new associations and bringing all together to make FiTDAK a vibrant forum have paid off.


R.Sridhar, the Secretary of the Federation, in his report recalled the various events & programs that FiTDAK held during 2013-14 that included forming 4 district Associations. The FiTDAK’s Portal, was also launched and it allows E-communication with the members.

Later, B. Ananda Rao, President, called for the entire committee to devote more time for FiTDAK’s activities. He assured that the second AGM will be held within September 2015, a new committee would take over.

Rao said that the priority of the Federation is to ensure that all the districts have an associations of their own and assist them in identifying, executing & financially supporting their local initiatives. Regarding possible transformation of the scene, with regard to OLS menace, Rao opined that the E-tailers cannot afford to continue the spree of huge discounting for longer time as they are under tremendous pressure for declaring profits by the investors.

The President assured that FiTDAK would work in association with the National IT Federation, FAIITA to address significant issues.


Treasurer of the state forum Gopal assured that FiTDAK would continue to assist the needs at district levels for deserving programs that benefit the members.

HP, the sponsor of the event launched special schemes for consumer-model laptops during the event.