-B Swaminathan

Ernakulam, May 21: The Flipkart is out of reach for the Kerala customers at least for the time being as the market place has stopped delivering products in the state.

While this may be attributed to the constant efforts by the stake-holders across Kerala and the united stand of various IT associations, who have often accused Flipkart of selling products at under-cut prices.

This might be a alarming situation for the online market place as the other states may follow the suite, now that the precedent has been set by Kerala.

Flipkart screenshot

The information was given by the national head of a leading imaging player, who realized this during his visit to Kerala. “Our cameras were sold in good numbers in that state. However, we recently found that any product that is supposed to be delivered to a Kerala pin-code was not be available in Flipkart’s marketplace.”

He also said that this is because the associations in Kerala have submitted a memorandum to the government to protect the interests of the dealers and their employees in Kerala. Not just IT products, but also the life-style products are not available in Flipkart’s marketplace.

During the cross verification with Flipkart under the purview of a customer, the customer-care executive said he is unaware why the products were not available in that particular region. “We have some logistics issue in Kerala for the past 15 days and it is expected to be sorted out in six months,” he said.

Recently the AKITDA (All Kerala information technology association) had submitted a memorandum (click here to read) to the state government, that the online sellers were causing loss to the State Exchequer.

AKITDA memorandum