Gemalto, a provider of digital security, has launched YuuWaa, solution for securely storing, backing up and sharing all types of multimedia data from one single interface. YuuWaa combines a USB flash drive with software and secured online services.

Designed for both consumers and professionals, YuuWaa enables users to drag and drop files between their local and online storage areas, and share these files with friends and colleagues. The solution offers two levels of storage capacity. ‘YuuWaa Go’ is a 12GB option combining a 4GB USB flash drive with 8GB online capacity; and ‘YuuWaa Plus’ has 24GB, including 8GB on the USB flash drive and 16GB online.

 "By bundling local and online storage, portability and security, YuuWaa provides an innovative and cost-effective way for people to keep and share their digital data safely. We’ve ensured that the YuuWaa interface is intuitive enough for experienced and inexperienced users alike," said Juana-Catalina Rodriguez, Sales and Marketing Director (YuuWaa), Gemalto.