—Sandhya Malhotra

New Delhi, June 11: HID Global, the physical access secure identity solutions provider, has forayed into cloud-based Mobile Access solution based on its Seos platform.

The new solution allows the use of Bluetooth Smart and NFC-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices as an alternative to keys and smart cards.

With Seos technology at the core of HID Mobile access solution makes it possible to use smartphones and other smart devices for future applications such as PC login, time and attendee, biometrics, EV charging in a unified secure identity systems. The company claims to be the first player to offer mobile-based access control.

The solution comes with mobile enabled iCLASS SE and Or mulitiClass SE readers and includes Mobile Ids, HID Mobile Access Apps and access to the HID secure identity services portal for managing users and issuing or revoking Mobile Ids

The solution enables the use of digital credentials on NFC enabled smartphones to open doors.

Currently, the company has been doing 2-3 pilot projects in India. At the same time it is also doing customer education and partners training programs.

Ranjit Nambiar, Director, IAM, India and Saarc, HID Global said, “We will be doing direct customer interaction and talking about the products and solution in the first phase. Finally, the solution deployments will be getting done by partners. Even our large SIs and global SIs are enabled. This is an innovation. Today HID sells physical access cards and readers to large numbers of customers. We are looking at converting 20% of hardware-based card and readers into mobile IDs and mobile enabled readers. In the first year, we should be targeting about 5% of our physical access card and readers revenue coming from mobile access and in second year we will look at 20%. In the third year we will look at matured level of 30-35%. We are going after existing customers and taking small deployments.”

With Seos platform, the company is also looking to sell the licences to the third party who can develop solution, apps and products like wearable and mobile wallet etc. The company has also planned to launch its own brand of wearable devices in coming months.

“In India, we have lots of hardware manufacturing using our HID technology for creating bio metrics, handheld devices, time and attendance, which complement our access control, with Seos we will have wider spread usage. Moreover, we are looking to partner with mobile operators so that they can bundle our solution along with their enterprise mobility solution,” said Nambiar.