cloud securityIBF Media held an event as part of their cloud computing series in Mumbai, where the panel discussed on the latest trends and technologies in cloud security, on 23rd March. The panelists comprised of names from the technology industry, including Bikram Barman -senior engineering manager, products RSA, the security division of EMC; Raman Srinivasan -manger HP India software operations; Nitin Khanapurkar -executive director with the advisory practice, KPMG in India; Rajendra Dhavale - director, technical sales, CA and L Subramanian, director Cloud Security Alliance.

“The IBF Media event on Cloud Security focused on how enterprises can secure their most sensitive data in the rapidly-evolving world of shared computing resources,” said Raman.

Concerns around security of data in the cloud remain the biggest inhibiter to its adoption. Some of the concerns are real while many are merely perceptions that need to be addressed through increased cloud security awareness, opined Nitin. He furthered, “This seminar has helped dispel myths around cloud security and initiate a dialog on how organizations should move forward with cloud adoption while addressing security concerns.”

The event focused on cloud security and the challenges that small and large enterprises face in implementing the cloud in their organizations. This event discussed one of the key challenges of cloud computing, which is securing a company’s valuable information. One of the fundamental issues facing CIO and technology professionals today is if they deploy the cloud how do they secure their applications and information. The event showcased perspectives from both the vendor and end customer.