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Over the last few years, India has seen a growing demand for AV technology, including control systems, conferencing, digital signage and networked audio. India’s AV services segment—AV design, integration, programming, and more—is growing even faster, a sure sign that professionals here are committed not just to the latest technology, but also to applying technology in new and creative ways to build integrated experiences.

Vijay Wadhwan, Associate Director, Systems and Solutions Division (SSD), Panasonic India provides insights on the fast growing AV market in India and the upcoming InfoComm India 2017, a unique platform for AV and ICT show in India, where professionals can discover the endless applications of Pro-AV technology

Channel Times: What are some of the current trends that you have observed which are happening or shaping up the sector?
Vijay Wadhwan: The global AV (Audio Visual) market size in India currently stands close to $5 billion, growing at a CAGR of 20% between the years of 2014 – 16. Over the years the influx of internet and social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube have enhanced people’s audio visual experience and transformed their choices. They are now more dependent on content driven by the amalgamation of both audio and video facilities, hence are now moving onto products which offer the perfect integration of the two characteristics. The concept of holistic connectivity and internet of things has also changed the way in which people choose their products now. The ability to connect multiple devices together and streamline their abilities has added a new dimension to the commodities and their workability.

Channel Times: In light of the convergence of AV and IT, how do you think that has changed your sector or industry as a whole?
Vijay Wadhwan: The facet of convergence has added a new element to the sector which has transformed the way in which consumers approach products and solutions. The seamless integration of AV and IT has led to the proliferation of AV systems that now look and act like IT platforms. AV is now the focal point, that has the potential to drive adoption throughout the enterprise in much the same way that computing has become an essential and assumed resource. Today, an effective AV solution seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructures and IP networks. They embrace standards as a way to ensure interoperability.

Channel Times: In your observation, what are some of the other industry-wide shifts in the last few years?
Vijay Wadhwan:The meteoric rise of smartphone and technological convergence, has been the key driver of the industry wide shifts that currently exist. The collective integration of the smartphone coupled with technological convergence has facilitated people with the anytime accessibility and availability. You now don’t need multiple devices at suspended locations to access audio visual content, the two of them are now readily available in the palm of your hands

Channel Times: What are some of the challenges you can foresee lying ahead of us?
Vijay Wadhwan:The concern of data privacy still looms large over the industry at this point of time. The digital nature of connectivity IT products provide, makes them vulnerable to exposure in case the mainframe data center malfunctions. Customization is another challenge which solution enterprises at times phase because of the sheer diverse nature of the customers ask, something which at times is just not possible.

Channel Times: How has the company benefited from taking part in InfoComm India?
Vijay Wadhwan:InfoComm India is a great platform to garner information about the evolving trends in the industry, and the different technological revolutions which are shaping it. This event gives us an opportunity to network with different players, up and coming businesses who can provide a new dimension to the way people do business. All of this and more was made possible by the platform presented forth by InfoComm India.

Channel Times: Going forward, what do you think would be the role of InfoComm India in the Industry/Sector?
Vijay Wadhwan:The imperative role that InfoComm India will have to play in the coming future will not only revolve around strengthening the industry, but also keeping them well versed with the evolving trends. They’ll have to continually focus on educating corporations on technical and business courses, bring market research pieces and organize trade shows which will sought onto bringing people and all the industry players to one platform.

Channel Times: What will the marketplace look like in 5 years’ time?
Vijay Wadhwan:The global market for AV will continue to grow at a CAGR of 11.75% between 2016 – 2020. The transition to mobile platform is an important trend which is gaining traction in the market, and will look to further encompass its presence in the sector in the coming years. There is a growing demand for anywhere, anyplace, any device connectivity. This has led the Pro AV vendors to explore the benefits of transforming to mobile platform. An increased demand for controlled systems will also continue to fuel the markets growth in the coming years, and further shape the industry.