–CT News Bureau

Mumbai, March 10: After the successful completion of Tech Summit in Colombo, Srilanka, Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) is now working on unveiling the roadmap for ISODA Version 2.

In the next phase of ISODA will be focused more on collaborating and connecting with other line of business, which will provide more value to its existing members. The association is looking to rope in members from outside software business.


ISODA was formed in 2008 by enthusiastic entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between Software Manufacturers & Distributors and dealers, uniting them and helping them to forge a new trade alliance forming an invaluable network in the industry.

Tech summit is a platform where ISODA sponsors and dealers renew their relationships and forge new alliances and create an invaluable network of information – sharing in the industry. An entertaining and interactive space to meet new people, learn new technologies and lay foundation for new business relationships and everlasting friendship.

This year, the focus of the summit was to discuss the changing business models and challenges at the same time educating members on new opportunities and evolve as a stronger firm.

ISODA had invited eminent non-IT industry speakers, to addressing the members business apprehensions and provide possibilities to scale their business in the currents scenario. Speakers like Prashant Bawa Raju and Chand Narayan share their thoughts and views.