– By Swaminathan.B

bepin roy

August 27, 2013: Many channel partners from Tamil Nadu might have received e-mails with titles questioning whether K7 computing is an anti-virus firm or anti-partner company.

The issue was taken to the public forum by one channel partner (considering the goodwill of the partner, Channel Times is not publishing the name). The mail has created confusion among the partners in Tamil Nadu. ‘Channel Times’ took the issue with K7 computing.

Speaking to this reporter on the issue, G D Bepin Roy, VP - Consumer Business – India, said, “Regarding the issue highlighted by you which is a reflection of sentiments of some sections of the Tamilnadu channel community, I would like to state that we as an organization have been growing and will grow in future, with the support of the channel community. Hence, there is not even a smallest of chances that we would go against the sentiment of the channels. I reiterate that we are a 100% channel friendly organization.”

Roy also added that regarding online renewals, all organisations who sell software products in the AV space, have an online renewal option, which cannot be avoided, given the current trend of e-living.

“Having said that, the online renewal pricing is way above the price at which the customer can get a pack from the channel (at least 25% higher), which eventually drives the business back to the channels,” he said further adding that recently the company has even started messaging the customers, giving details of their existing retailer/engineer and urging them to contact their retailer for renewal.

“Also, we have put up in our channel portal, the upcoming renewals, in the next 60 days, for the channel partners (this can be accessed using their loyalty program id). Hence, the renewal business of the channel partners are not at a threat at all,” he concluded.

He also thanked ‘Channel Times’ for the intervention and role in enhancing ties between vendors and the channel community.