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New Delhi, May 26: MAIT, the apex body representing IT hardware sector in India appreciated the efforts of Vinit Goenka, National Co-Convener, BJP IT Cell, and Head for verticals E-Governance in driving the election campaign and exemplifying the use of IT’s potential to maximum. Goenka formulated the digital strategy for his party’s star campaigners to woo the ‘Gen Next’.

The association is expecting a lot from the Narendra Modi-led government and therefore believes that the industry would benefit from the proactive role that Vinit Goenka and his team has played in understanding industry needs.

Vinit Goenka

MAIT has been working closely for the past few months with the team advising the new government on ICT, said the press release.

During the election, the IT cell of “Elect Modi Campaign” reached out to as many as 144 million people across India in the latest elections. In an interview to Indian Express, Goenka said,”We were able to reach out to virtually every internet user in the country,” said Vinit Goenka, national co-convenor of the BJP’s information technology cell.

For the record, some 834 million people were eligible to vote and 553.8 million or 66.4 percent cast their ballot. This was the highest ever voter-turnout both in absolute and in percentage terms.

Goenka also said that more than 100 million first-time voters joined the electoral rolls — was one of the key factors that helped the campaign. In that, the fact that the IT cell was able to reach out to them was crucial.

The IT cell was started in the run-up to the latest national elections, it has been functioning since April 2006, albeit at a smaller level, and gained momentum in 2008, when it was used in Maharashtra. During the election, the IT cell adopted various channels to reach out to mass media be it a bloggers’ meet, video conferencing with voters across cities and interactive call centers for voter registration.