-B Swaminathan

Mumbai, March 6: It has been all about adding new products to their portfolio for Mumbai based retailer-system integrator Maxnet Computers and they are looking to further strengthen it this year by including more storage and cloud products in their portfolio.


“This Financial year was better in terms of profit margin compared to last year with all the hypes of OLS and their predatory pricing being around. We shifted our business from sales oriented to service-oriented module wherein we deployed network security and management solutions. We also ventured in to embedded technology giving a robust customized solutions to our industrial clients. Apart from that we also ventured in to new business of power banks distribution and doing good numbers,” said Arvind Singh, CEO of Maxnet computers.

Arvind also said that the current market sentiments are bit down as Sales of IT and Telecom commodity has been affected by OLS predatory pricing strategy and it seems as an biggest challenge for any mid-size to a large SI in Mumbai.

Arvind Singh

On the roadmap for the next fiscal, he said, “We would be gradually bringing new products and service offering to our customer on storages and clouds and for that we would be partnering up with few pioneers in the respective fields.” He also said that he has plans to strengthen his sales and support team and also enhance their skillset by giving them various training in new technologies.

On the priority among his various verticals like retail, networking, he said, “As a business owner I treat all these verticals as my baby and want all them to grow. We plan to devote more of our resources in Embedded Technology and Security Solutions and Management as a vertical.”

On the overall trend in the IT space, he said that he saw a lot of opportunity in the Government and education sectors as these being allocated and funded more to develop a high class infrastructure. “SI partners should gear up with all the needed skill sets to welcome this as 2015-2016 fiscal year has more potential in terms of revenue generation for skilled SI,” he concluded.