desktop securityMIEL e-Security, a provider of information security services and solutions, today unveiled the endpoint diagnostic service (MEDS), a managed security service, which is supposed to be cost-effective and efficient endpoint diagnostic service over the cloud. The managed security SaaS is available to Indian customers for Rs. 35 per desktop per scan, and to the Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) members for Rs. 25 per desktop per scan, informed the company.

With new threat landscape evolving, end-point security is essential because of increase in unauthorized file sharing, data theft and malicious software, opines M. N. Kutty Nair, chairman and MD, MIEL. He further added, “The focus has also increased because of compliance regulations and consumerization of IT - as the use of laptops, Blackberry and social media has risen.”

The company stated that, MEDS offers endpoint diagnosis of firewalls, installed software, audit logs, screen saver, antivirus, enabled services, running programs, auto updates, USB drives, password policy, patches and agent health.

The MEDS product, as claimed by MIEL, can check over 200 security parameters on desktops and servers for standards like ISO 27001, PCI/DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLB, NIST and others. It provides an executive summary of the report in a PDF format, which includes task details and the list of endpoints scanned for executive summary, result breakdown, top 10 non-compliant endpoints, top five non-compliant checks, compliance levels across categories and over a period of time for graphical summary. It also offers a detailed compliance report in Microsoft Excel that includes a detailed analysis of complete tasks and individual endpoint reports including the templates used. standard statistical analysis is also given in the HTML format.