Microsoft has won again in a fight against software pirates, especially the ones that sell Microsoft’s products without licence. The Delhi High Court has given its final verdict against Microsoft’s Delhi-based reseller Supreme Peripherals Pvt Ltd on charges of software piracy.

In a recent ruling the Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of Microsoft, stating that reseller Supreme Peripherals Pvt Ltd pay Microsoft, punitive damages of Rs 5 Lakhs. Justice VK Jain granted Microsoft a decree for permanent injunction and ordered the erring reseller to pay for distributing software illegally. According to a statement by Microsoft, “At Microsoft we believe that there is a great scope to substantially reduce piracy levels in India and the government plays a pivotal role in checking and preventing software piracy and counterfeiting menace.” The spokesperson further said that this ruling also gives confidence to other Microsoft resellers to sell original software without fear of losing market share due to piracy.

Such strong measures by software makers against software pirates have helped in reducing instances of piracy. Market reports show that piracy rates in India have declined by ten percent, from 74% to 64%, which is quite high, too. According to Microsoft, this drop in piracy levels has been possible because of the proactive action taken by cyber law enforcing agencies in the country. “Microsoft will continue to work closely with government and law enforcement agencies to build capacity around IP enforcement and IP laws, provide all necessary support for a successful prosecution of piracy and counterfeit cases, and help protect customers and honest resellers,” the company statement said.