-B Swaminathan

Mumbai, June 29: The discussions at the National IT Associations’ Federation (FAIITA) conclave in Mumbai centered around unethical e-sale, technology training for members and the dynamics of taking FAIITA to the next level.
The Mumbai conclave was the third one after Delhi and Bengaluru.

On the first day, the forum had a discussion with leading five vendors in the laptop category about ways to check unethical online sales.

Champakraj Gurjar, the first president of the forum, said, “In pre-Independence era Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel helped us avoid carrying 30 passports to travel within one region. It is high time channel associations across the country come under one roof.”

Vinit Goenka, IT Cell Chairman, BJP, requested the partners to submit their grievances as a document so that he could escalate it with the authorities concerned.

On the sidelines of the event, speaking to Channel Times, Champakraj Gurjar and Hari Balasubramanian, Sr.Vice President of FAIITA, said, “The registration process is already on. We have requested members to suggest a format as how the association should work– either making it individual association or a national forum.”

“We are not against the different sales model. However, what we expect from the vendors and government to immediately look into the issue and protect the livelihood of the 30,000 odd partners and families”, they said, expressing concern about a vendor who recently appointed three distributors in the region and started supplying materials directly to the customer through a third party.

“We do not want to focus on the weakness of others and rather we are thinking of focusing on our strength. We have success stories by associations in UP and Bihar on the ordinance tax issues”, the members said.

FAIITA is likely to act as a state-level body supporting the national forum. “The state president will address the issues in respective states and the national forum will look after the issues of national interest,” the forum concluded.