—CT News Bureau

Surat, July 20: As part of the smart cities project, NEC India has completed deployment of NEC’s Face Recognition System (FRS) for Surat City Police (Gujarat) project which was commenced in February 2015.

NEC India

In a ‘go-live’ event of the Picture Intelligence Unit (PIU) at Surat Police Headquarters, NEC gave a full demo capabilities of NEC’s cutting edge NeoFace face recognition technology in the presence of Anandi Ben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

NeoFace Watch which works with the live CCTV cameras deployed at critical locations in the city and NeoFace Reveal for forensic criminal investigation using recorded videos, still face images and sketches of suspects. Both the technologies have been deployed successfully in numerous government agencies throughout the world.

Koichiro Koide, Managing Director, NEC India said, “ Provisioning for citizens’ safety is imperative for any smart city, and our technology can be any Police department’s best ally in ensuring that. We are committed to the Surat City Police in this partnership, and we look forward to more such collaborations with them as well as other cities in the country.”

Rakesh Asthana, Indian Police Service, Police Commissioner of Surat City, said, “We thank NEC for helping us realize our dream of incorporating PIU (Picture Intelligence Unit) in the Surat Safe City Police Command and Control Center. This world’s leading Face Recognition System and Forensic Criminal Investigation System can offer our police department the much required real-time intelligence to ensure the safety of our city and its citizens. We can now proudly say that Surat Safe City is India’s first Safe City”

NeoFace Reveal is a software solution for forensic investigation that provides law enforcement and crime laboratory agencies with the ability to enhance poor quality latent face images, search against their mugshot databases, and locate potential suspects, while NeoFace Watch integrates with existing video surveillance systems and matches faces in real-time against a watch list of individuals to trigger an alert.