—Sandhya Malhotra

Jammu, June 30: The IT dealers of Jammu are sounding excited with the formation of a new team at the Jammu Computer Dealer Association (JCDA) after a gap of three years.

The association had been defunct for the past three years, but with the efforts of dealers, the association was revived early last month, and now it is looking to bring back the IT business in the city and creating action plans to resolve the issues which had been pending in the absence of the active association.

The new team is elected for next two years.

Jammu Team

JCDA has been one of the oldest associations, which was formed in 2008. It was one of the most united association in the past. The unity of the association could be reckoned with the fact that, with the association’s strength and power, the state has got a ‘zero VAT title’.

Speaking to the Channeltimes, Naveen Gupta, one of the founders and newly appointed organizing secretary said, “We are very happy to see the re-formation of JCDA and fresh faces have been duly elected by the Jammu dealers. We have elected a new team with a proper election and as per the Constitution. In the first three months, our focus is to bring back the confidence of the members in the new team and resolve issues like disturbance of MOP, which is hurting the business of our members.”

Gupta also added, “We have formed an advisory team, which will be working towards making amendments to the association constitutions and setting the roadmap for the new team for next two years.”

In the absence of a new team, Jammu IT market had gone through a rough patch. The association’s efforts to get zero VAT status went in vain, as the new state government reimposed the 5% VAT across IT products. Another issue was the increase in complaints like poaching and products service support.

“We believe with a new team in place, all the pending issues will be taken care and we are looking for more non-members to join the association and also plan to revise the annual fee.

The new team includes Dikshit Gupta as new president, Naveen Gupta as Org. Secretary, Pranav Bhagotra (Treasurer), Rajan Gupta (Vice President) and Rajeev Majotra as Gen Secretary.