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New Delhi, July 17: Oracle celebrated 21 years of innovation and engineering prowess with the opening of its 10th Product Development Center in the Gujarat International Finance Tec City (GIFT).

In 1994, Oracle opened its first product development center in Bengaluru with four engineers, and has since grown its footprint across the country with sites located in Bengaluru, Hyderbad, Mumbai, Noida, Pune and other emerging cities. The India centers are part of Oracle’s global product development organization, and the teams carry out cutting edge engineering work across the complete Oracle product portfolio, including Cloud.

These teams play a crucial role in propelling Oracle’s product innovation and support its agenda of developing cloud-ready solutions.


In 2011, Oracle inaugurated its first product development center in one of India’s emerging cities, Trivandrum, followed by another in Vijayawada. In fiscal 2015, Oracle hired more than 2,300 engineers in product development functions in India, of which 18% were college graduates.

“India employs Oracle’s second largest workforce of developer and engineers, making it one of our most important product development centers across the world. The talent here and the work the teams are doing have played a very important role in helping our customers transition to the Cloud,” said Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development, Oracle.

“Engineering talent is in high demand and Oracle Product Development has been recruiting very aggressively, as we aim to become the world’s #1 cloud provider. Our global development centers are the lifeline of Oracle’s success, and India is a major part of that.”

Leading Cloud Product Development, Hiring and Leveraging Talent in India’s Emerging Cities

Over the past decade Oracle has invested more than US$ 34 billion in continued innovation, so that each product is best-of-breed in the industry and in integration. This investment has been the driving force in the advancement of technology that has kept Oracle at the forefront of enterprise technology.

Added Thomas Kurian, “Our strategy is simple. There are many organizations that want to use Oracle products – there are many right here in India, but are unable to use them because they lack infrastructure. We want everyone in the world, as long as they have a web-browser, to be able to run Oracle software, without the need of a datacenter or major investments in hardware and software. We firmly believe there is a great opportunity to work with these firms and help them create a successful business path for themselves.”

Ravi Shankar Settigunte, Senior Director, Database Server Technologies, one of the very early employees to join Oracle India Product Development in 1994, says: “In the last 21 years of my career, this company has given me immense opportunities to take up new technical and management challenges, and innovate while striving for high performance and accomplishments. It is truly an honour to be part of this organization and contribute to the development of award-winning and world-class technology products. I am privileged to be associated with the continued success of this great company.”