Confed-ITA’s efforts to unite channel community on ongoing back-end rebates seem to be paying off. After receiving a letter from Confed-ITA on the same, the Rajasthan Computer Traders Association (RCTA) has issued certain guidelines for its members.
These guidelines are:
All affected dealers should immediately register their names and other relevant details with RCTA. Later, it will be compiled and shared with Confed-ITA’s task committee. (Probably all direct dealers of Acer, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, Intel, Samsung, LG, Epson, Wipro, Viewsonic, Xerox, TVSE, IBM, Lenovo, etc)
Dealers should write to their respective vendors demanding service tax on back-ends received since 2004.
Need for proper consultation with auditors, and voicing necessary debit notes. Moreover, inclusion of suppliers and the distributors so that they will be party in future litigations if necessary arises.
The association has asked its members to do it as soon as possible to ensure that they do not miss out one-year claim if they cross March 31, 2009.
Elaborating more on the initiative, Deepak Sharda, Secretary, RCTA, said, "With these efforts, we want to create awareness among our channel community. At present, we are in the process of collecting necessary information from them. Once that is done, we will send it to Confed-ITA, and will ask them to put of our case. Basically, we do not want our members to suffer because of these issues."
There’s also growing feeling among the channel community is that if the service tax department succeeds in justifying its claims in Tamil Nadu, sooner or later, it will spread to other parts of the country also. "Hence, we need to take precautionary measures in this regard," said Sharda.