-Swaminathan B
Hyderabad: Indian tech firm RDP that produces cost-effective Laptop, thin-client solutions RDP, wants to reach out to 70 Indian cities through their distributor WPG.

In an interview published in TOI, Vikram Redlapalli, Founder and CEO of RDP, said,” “After the launch of RDP in 2012, we focused on the enterprise segment for over three years. As we have also started catering to the consumer segment, we are keen on reaching out to more number of consumers. Currently, we are present in four cities and around three and a half months ago, we entered into a pact with a Taiwanese distribution firm, WPI Group, which has a presence in 18 cities. Overall, we plan to have a presence in 70 cities over the next few years,” he said.

Focus on Sub ₹15,000 market:

“For now, we have decided to sell our products under Rs. 15,000, keeping in view the price-sensitive market,” he said. While the tablets are priced at Rs. 3,999 and ₹4,999, laptops are sold at Rs. 9,999 and Rs. 13,999. Stating that the PC penetration in India was very low at 9 per cent as against over 60 per cent in the US and China, he said one reason for this was the high cost of the computers. “The average price of a PC in India is Rs. 29,000, which is prohibitive for first-time buyers. We are targeting this space with the sub- Rs. 15,000 price,” he said in an interview HBL.

Redlapalli said that apart from focusing on sales and marketing, the startup is also mulling setting up a new manufacturing unit in the country and a decision in this regard is expected in the next six to nine months. The company currently runs an assembly unit at Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh that has a capacity of assembling 2,000 units per day. The company sources parts of these devices from China and Taiwan. RDP had clocked revenues of Rs 20 crore last year and is eyeing Rs 40 crore this fiscal.