REVE Antivirus, a security products IT company providing antivirus software has introduced parental control and smart surveillance feature that allows parents to monitor the online activities of their kids. Parents can blacklist websites based on categories such as gambling, adult, gaming etc. so that children cannot browse websites, which fall into these categories.

Today, a variety of content available on the internet has an indelible impression on the kids, especially those kids in the age range of 8 – 16, called the impressionable age. This is the age when they are most vulnerable to things that they see or hear, on their own and form judgments on their own, most times influenced by their peer network or content available.

“Today, everyone has to play an important part in creating not only a safer internet but also a better internet, an internet where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively,” said Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO – REVE Antivirus. He further added that “Our product helps the parents where the children shall not know that whatever they do is being watched by a concerned parent.”

The parents can also mark certain categories under surveillance, so if the child tries to access restricted websites, parents get a live notification on REVE Antivirus mobile app. Utilizing this feature, parents need not block anything rather know about the browsing habit of their kids. These can be monitored by downloading REVE Antivirus mobile app and the parents can also receive the live notification as per the activity of the child. The highlight of the product is that parents can set time limit when their children can use the internet.

Last year, REVE has made Meptek Computronics its authorized distributor for Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. After its launch in India in early 2017, REVE has continuously added new territories for distribution. Uttar Pradesh is the sixth state to be added after Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, J& K and Uttarakhand.