—-CT News Bureau

Mumbai, May 18: City-based value-added distributor focused on security solutions Satcom Infotech has announced a number of new initiatives to significantly ramp up its presence in the country. This includes setting up a new branch in the Eastern region, increasing manpower and expanding its reach by adding at least a dozen new partners across different parts of the country.

The company is looking at tapping the emerging new opportunities in the fast-growing IT security market and hopes its new initiatives will help in doubling its revenues in 2015-16.

Vinod Kumar

Satcom Infotech’s growth roadmap for this year is aimed at providing futuristic security technologies to customers and strengthening the partner base to be able to reach out to customers across various locations. As a Value-Added Distributor, Satcom Infotech also wants to assure partners on the product performance, pre-sales, post-sales support, pricing and all the deliverable they deal with.

Vinod Kumar, Managing Director at Satcom Infotech said, “With the right strategies and partnerships in place, we are confident that we will be able to expand our presence in the country and effectively meet the growing customer demand for IT security solutions.”

Among the industry segments where there is increased demand for IT security, Satcom Infotech plans to particularly focus on Healthcare, Government, Finance, Education, IT and Manufacturing.

Centered around managing uncertainties in a rapidly changing world, Satcom Infotech offers security and control solutions that ominously reduce the cost and complexity involved in securing the data of organizations across multiple sectors. These solutions provide comprehensive network security with a wide range of capabilities such as network monitoring, encryption, DLP, event logging and UTM.