–CT News Bureau

Surat, Dec 18: Israel-headquartered Segoma Imaging Technologies, which provides 3D imaging solutions for diamond traders, has set up a lab with 20 scanning machines in the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai and photographs about 100 diamonds a day.

With the help of scanning machines, can send 3D images of diamonds for the display and sale of diamonds and sends them online to global buyers.

Litan Yahav, CEO , Segoma Imaging Technologies emphasized “Our technology provides advanced photography services with innovative and unique technology that precisely and reliably demonstrates all the properties of a diamond - colour, clarity, transparency and cut - and provides a total visual impression as a substitute for a physical inspection.”

Yahav explained, “These are 360-degree photographs that are of high quality. The physical inspection of diamonds and jewellery is replaced by the photographs and travel to diamond centres like Surat and Mumbai is replaced by internet e-commerce platform.”

Since the facility was set up in Mumbai, more than 4,00,000 stones and jewelry items have been photographed and $3 billion worth of stock has been sold.

More than 80% of global diamond cutting work takes place in India. Currently, the diamond industry in India is growing between 8 to 10% and employs over 13.5 million people for domestic and overseas trade.

“Due to the success in Mumbai and an increase in demand for its photography services, we are considering establishing a centre in Surat that will be a great addition to Segoma’s current locations,” said Yadav.

“Our buyers do not come to India anymore. We are sending them 360-degree high resolution photographs for selection. They place the order online and the products are exported within a few days. This technology is amazing and has revolutionized the way we were doing business,” said a DTC sight holder company owner.