__p Su Kam, the Indian manufacturer of inverters, has launched a range of new digital UPS systems ranging from 600VA to 2000VA especially designed for the Indian market.

p____p The unique selling proposition of this system is that it can run as a stabiliser even without a battery and in case of deep decharge, due to non-use for a long time, it will still start up, according to Kunwar Sachdeva, MD of Su Kam.

p____p “Most UPS come with a RS 232 port to connect the UPS to the computer, but with no bundled software to use it. We give the users a powerful software that allows their computer to save files and shut down, send emails or SMS to the users to warn them in case something goes wrong,” said Sachdeva, explaining one of its unique features.

p____p The price for the 600VA for the end-user is Rs 2,300. However, Sachdeva pointed out, “The 750VA will be able to handle two computers, so it will be cheaper than two individual 600VAs. While the 1000VA can handle three computers and will be priced cheaper than the total cost of three individual 600VAs. With this strategy, we expect to capture a good chunk of the Indian market.”

p____p Su Kam has already started exporting these UPS to Nepal and Sri Lanka, and it also plans to export to Africa and some more parts of Asia.

p____p Su Kam currently has offices in Hyderabad, Delhi and Kanpur, and intends to soon set up office in Mumbai.

p____p The company will be focusing on A, B and C class cities and also other regions where they already have inverters. It will be supporting the launch with advertisments in newspapers, magazines and websites.

p____p “We also promise lots of schemes for our channel partners, rather than advertisments on TV, and also will educate our partners about the product,” said Sachdeva.