-B Swaminathan

Mumbai/Madurai Nov 21: Confed-ITA, the federation of Tamil Nadu IT dealers’ associations, has decided to temporarily lift the ban on billing products from vendors and distributors in support of the pricing strategies of online retailers. The news comes at a time when the Maharashtra state association of IT dealers has taken a strong stand against unfair pricing practices of their online counterparts.


According to sources, Lenovo has accepted to bring out two different product categories for online and offline distribution. The Chinese electronics giant said it will also appoint authorized market place partners to deal with e-commerce portals and will have control on MOP. Further, the company has also accepted to appoint a third-party monitoring agency to track pricing violations done by online sellers.

Dell too accepted to exert control on prices of its products sold online by appointing authorized partners. However, the company clarified that as per the law, it cannot deny warranty to any consumer buying its products from e-retailers.

Acer assured the members of the federation that they do not deal with any of the e-commerce companies directly, and have an internal mechanism to track and control the misappropriate pricing of their products sold online.

HP claimed that they have officially tied up with Flipkart and WS Retail, with a corrective mechanism already in place to monitor price parity of products sold on the e-retailers site. The company also assured that they have initiated the process of directly engaging with other e-commerce companies Snapdeal and Amazon to streamline market place.

Epson assured to extend its support in favour of the offline retail associations, while Canon confirmed it has engaged with WS Retail for the sale of exclusive injjet printer models. However, the company clarified that it has not authorized the sale of its Laser printers by any online retailer.

The participating vendors have also agreed to release campaigns with SRP and advisory notes, and will bear the expenses for doing the same.

TAIT Meeting

Federation of IT association of Maharastra (FITAM) had met yesterday to discuss the issues related to unethical practices online sellers indulge in. Members from leading associations including TAIT, Nanded and ASIRT participated in the meeting, and decided to further track and escalate the issue to the next level. The censuses of the meeting was that the Maharashtra IT dealers will support the national-level ban on billing products from vendors and NDs on November 24.