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Tirupur, July 15: Tirupur Information Technology Association, which was awarded the most active association of Tamil Nadu, recently held a bike-campaign to create awareness on vultures, which is listed one of the most endangered species.

Tirupur Rally

The two-day rally started from freedom fighter ‘Tirupur’ Kumaran Memorial and passed through Mettupalayam, Kotagiri, Ooty, Mudumalai, Gudalur, Muthanga, Gundalpet, Asanur, Sathyamangalam and reached Tirupur covering a distance about 500 kms.

Rally covered wildlife sanctuaries such as Muthanga and Wayanad and tiger reserves such as Bandipur, Mudumalai, Biligiri Rangan Betta.

During the rally, the stakeholders of the vulture project namely the cattle owners, milkmen and pharmacists were made aware on the bad effects of the drug diclofenac in an attempt to stop usage of the same in cattle to ensure a future for the vultures.

“We distributed leaflets and pamphlets in all the areas and educated the local public on how gifted they were to breath fresh air. They were also reminded that they were the security guards for this nature and the Ecosystem,” said Pratheesh Mathew, VP of TITA told Channel Times.

“We need to protect our nature and the vultures balance our ecosystem. Everybody in our team is satisfied after creating awareness in the rural areas,” he concluded.