CT 2017
With every story told about the famed IT world and the rush of business around it, one integral and a very significant string weaving the entire spectrum is the channel fraternity. They are the bridge which connects. And this fact is very well acknowledged by the vendors.

2017 had been a great and significant year believes experts. Several technologies saw upward stride and some fizzed, but what is noteworthy is that the channel acted as a strong backbone.

This year also saw some major highlights within the channel ecosystem. Dell EMC launched its unified channel program.

Also, Xerox Corporation announced the separation of Conduent Incorporated, creating two market-leading, publicly- traded companies which give rise to a gear shift for the channel partners.

Channel Times has touched upon all quarters of the channel ecosystem to get out and bring up the best for the Channel’s interest and utility. Every aspect has been shed light upon be it the GST or the distribution agreements, the events, partners woes and ease, channel initiatives, association drives and you just name it.

Here we have compiled for you the major highlights of 2017. Take a peek and know the noteworthy happenings. Read on to get a glimpse of more.

Dell EMC Partners To See New Movements: Report
Just sometime back Dell EMC launched its unified channel program, however commanding the loyalty of the channel partners seems not really defined, given the two entities dealt with different distributors at different levels. Read More

Cisco Evolves Channel Programs For Partner’s Success
Cisco at its Partner Summit 2017, announced that it is evolving its channel programs to help partners capture new opportunities, refine software and services skills sets, and differentiate themselves in the market. As part of this evolution, Cisco is making three key changes to its programs: simplification, building capabilities, and increasing the partner value exchange in order to help partners adapt to the fast-moving market trends and customer needs while making it easier to work with Cisco. Read More

How To Tame The GST Beast?
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been the buzzword for quite a while. It is finally set to be introduced on the stroke of midnight of 30th June 2017. Like any other reform, it is set to change the way taxes are levied on goods and services in India. It is essential to understand what GST is and how it will impact each one of us. Read More

One Week Of GST: What Indian IT Channel Thinks?
The Goods and Service Tax [GST] that created much waves for months, was finally launched on July 1. Like experts from every sector, the Indian IT channels have varied perspective on the rates levied on the products. While most of the IT products fall under the 18 percent category, few items come under 28 percent. Read More

Digitization Of Retail: Opportunities For Channel Partners
The Indian retail industry is dynamic and one of the fastest growing globally. With modern day customers showing a vast change in their buying behavior, retail is no more a place where consumers only buy, instead it is where people “experience”. It is expected to grow to US$ 1.3 trillion by 2020, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 16.7 per cent over 2015-20, states an IBEF report. The sector is increasingly offering a great deal of opportunity for channel partners. Read More

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What Will Drive Revenues For IT Channel In 2017
The Channel Industry has matured in many ways over time. With new technologies emerging from every corner, IT channel has seen several twists and turns and learnt to adopt as per the demand and situation. Partners invariably play a major role when it comes to deploying new solutions and services. Read More

Xerox-Conduent Split: What Channel Should Know
Xerox Corporation today announced its has completed the separation of Conduent Incorporated, creating two market-leading, publicly- traded companies. While there’s a strong buzz how the new initiative will impact its stakeholders and more so its channel partners as Xerox has been a company heavily relying on its channel play, the company clarified that Xerox as a standalone company will be able to leverage more time and resources into channel recruitment and activation programs since all of its marketing and research and development funds will be reinvested into this business. Read More

What 2018 Holds For Channel Partners Dealing IT Security
At the very beginning of this year, it looked as if cybercrime is largely the thing of the West and we are safely cocooned in a haven. But by the time the year was half spent, cyber goons wreaked havoc around the world, not sparing India. In fact, the country was one of the most affected. Read More

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In 2018, Xerox To Focus On Mobile Printing, Cloud
2017 was a historic year for Xerox India, with the biggest launch of 29 ConnectKey-enabled printers and multifunction devices. This year we focused on widening our reach in the Tier 2 and 3 cities; rolled out products, solutions and services that will cater to the demands of small, mid to large sized enterprises; strengthened and expanded channel partnerships, intensified our hold on the digital printing industry and made further enhancements to our go-to-market strategy. Read More

Top 5 Channel Partner trends that will shape the industry in 2018
From the introduction of GST to the extensive use of digital wallets and increased prevalence of UPI, 2017 had been witness to the evolution of various trends that have changed the way businesses operate. By analyzing the rapid changes in market dynamics, we can predict that 2018 will be no different when it comes to disruption, particularly in the channel partner space. Read More

3 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018
Over the past few years, marketing has taken on whole new levels due to continual advances in technology and the way in which marketers are able to get a message out. It is safe to say that online marketing will be the most effective, but this means understanding what works in light of these ever-advancing technologies. Read More

Vendor-Partner Together Can Build A Strong Cloud Business
When cloud made its advent, IT providers did not see much amazement as customers were not ready for the cloud. There were also apparent cash flow problems for which their efforts did not bear optimum fruit as they were not sure how to monetize cloud services.
Ten years past, cloud has established itself as a core technology, that is sought after by large enterprises and SMBs. Read More
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HCL Infosystems Launches Premier Partner Program In India
The Enterprise Distribution arm of HCL Infosystems today announced the launch of its P3 or Premier Partner Program for its channel partners across India. So far 26 Select Channel partners have been inducted into the program. HCLI P3 will empower the Channel Partners to grow their business through a suite of exclusive benefits including Subject Matter Expert (SME) support, Demand Generation Campaigns, Priority Response, Financial and Operational Support Services. Leaders from HCLI will also regularly interact as Executive Sponsors with P3 Channel Partners to chart out respective growth paths. Read More

SAP Plans 100% Partner Driven Strategy For SME Business
SAP India in its recent Partner Summit 2017, announced the launch of Partner Packaging Factory, an industry-first online initiative that aggregates end-to-end SAP packages developed by partners. SAP claims its best-in-class technologies and platforms augments the capabilities of its partner ecosystem to co-innovate. This synergistic collaboration by SAP and partners result in new offerings and solutions for the digital era that enhances customer success. Read More

Kerala Channel Partner Starts E-Literacy Hub
V. Hari who owns IBC computers, a patriotic young channel partner wanted to provide digital drive for the financially backward youth had come-up with a digital literacy terminal in his home village.
The idea hit Hari when he wanted to contribute to this nation’s digital drive to the maximum effort that is affordable by him. Thus the idea of free digital literacy terminal has come up in his office in Kottayam Central Junction. Read More

Future Of Healthcare: Opportunities For Channel Partners
With innovation being on the brink in the healthcare industry over the last couple of years, IT vendors and their channel partners are offering turnkey healthcare solutions to remain successful in their business. The healthcare market, particularly hospitals, physicians and dental practices, represents an explosive sales and service opportunity for channel partners who are using digital technology to improve patient care, reduce costs and optimize the business. Read More

4 Ways To Automate Channel Distribution Process
A swift distribution is a thing sought by businesses. The tech distribution process is multilayered and hence its complex. A smooth distribution chain can ease a lot of business perplexities.
Here we bring to you four tech tools which can increase the efficacy of distribution channel of any sort by streamlining it. Read More