Do You Still Remember Carrom Game rules?

Carrom was our most favorite game in childhood. If you miss playing the game now and would like to relive your childhood, a Carrom game download is just a click away. You can always download it from the Google Play store or Apple App Store or any trusted site. You get a variety of games with 3D carom visuals and different series, challenges, and multiplayer or single-player games with but the basic Carrom board game Rules will be more or less the same.

The Carrom Board and Pucks

A Carrom board is a square board with 4 pockets at the 4 corners. There are 18 carrom men (9 black and 9 white) and a red Queen. A striker is used to hit and move carrom men into the pockets. It can be a single-player or multiplayer game.


Breaking refers to playing the first shot of the game and hitting or breaking the circle made up of carom men and the queen. You use a striker to hit pucks with and pocket them.


Each player takes turns to strike their carom men with the striker to pocket them. It is called striking. A common Carrom board game rule is that you have to cover the queen by pocketing a carrom man immediately after pocketing the queen. The queen is worth more points than black and white carom men. When a striker is accidentally pocketed during a turn, the player has to place one of their pocketed carrom men back at the center of the board. So, use your skills well and strike carefully.

Pocketing and Covering the Queen

Most of the Carrom Boardgame rules focus on pocketing and covering the queen, which is not as easy as one might think. To cover the queen, a player has to first pocket the queen and then pocket a carom man of theirs immediately in the same turn.If they fail to do so,the queen has to be returned to the center of the board.


It is important to know the rules for fouls well to avoid making any foul. Here are the most common Carrom board rules about fouls:

  • If the striker is pocketed.
  • If a player pockets Carrom men of their opponent.
  • If a player pockets their last Carrom man before the Queen.
  • If a player pockets the last Carrom man of the opponent.
  • If a Carrom man is touched by the striker while it is being positioned.


So now that the basic Carrom board game rules are clear to you, now you can enjoy carom gaming.

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