Facebook Is Privy To Your Conversations 24×7

The company records your conversations whenever you leave your smartphone nearby with the Facebook application running in the background. Facebook claims that the process is not for pushing targeted advertisements, but to facilitate the users in posting stuff related to the content which they might be consuming. For instance, the background noise from a television show or a movie.

Some users have also claimed that they have been flooded with advertisements which aligned with the conversations, they recently indulged in, reflecting a possibility of Facebook utilizing your conversations for commercial purposes.

The company however denies the charges of selling the conversations, recorded through the phone’s microphone to news feeds or advertisers. Nevertheless, the thought of someone keeping an ear out for your private conversations is enough to give you goosebumps.

The good news is that you can restrict Facebook from accessing the microphone of your Android or iOS based smartphone easily. In case of an iPhone, users can reach the application settings and can turn off the microphone under the privacy menu. Android users on the other hand can click on the settings menu, followed by privacy option and can then alter the permissions which the Facebook application has been granted.

This unusual, or I must say ’scary’, feature was first introduced by Facebook in the year 2014 for users in the US. Despite the company’s claims that it does not store your conversations on its servers, it would only be wise to disable the app from turning your smartphone into a spy.

As per Facebook, the usage of this feature is strictly restricted to recognizing what a user is listening or watching and making it convenient for him to post and share his current feeling or activity. We would, however, advice you to go ahead with the disabling of the app from accessing your microphone, irrespective of what the company’s claims.

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