GCR Brings Tailor-Made Digital solutions for the MSME

Digital Solutions

Global Channel Resources (GCR), a brand known for its SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking infrastructure now offers Tailor-Made Digital solutions for the MSME sector. GCR firmly believes in the philosophy of Digital for all and have designed these easy to use and affordable digital solutions for small and medium enterprises.

The success of a business depends upon the ability to retain the customers by offering them a satisfying experience. This applies to both small and big organisations. One can manage the business efficiently by maintaining a regular connect with the customers and understanding their needs and preferences. A trained and motivated staff to serve internal and external customers and optimum use of the organization’s resources add up to the growth of a business and help it to become more profitable. GCR’s digital solutions help any organization to achieve all the above objectives.

“The MSME’s are recognized as the backbone of any economy in the areas of manufacturing and services. Effective utilization of resources, greater operational flexibility, mobility and higher innovations and low investment are the strength of MSME’s. In addition to providing MSME’s with digital solutions which can particularly enhance their profitability and growth we at GCR are open to collaborative ideas which can further enhance the MSME’s position in highly competitive markets” said, Tony Tsao, Chairman-GCR.

With more than 400 million users, Internet has disrupted the traditional way of doing business. Online and e-Commerce platforms have driven consumers from brick and mortar stores to online portals. Successful adaptation of digital tools in the developed countries has helped MSMEs to successfully compete in the changed environment.

Adaptation of Digital Tools by MSME’s in India has been comparatively slow as small businesses do not realize the benefits of Digital tools and MSME’s believe that digital tools are quite expensive and not user-friendly

Keeping the above in mind, GCR now offers Tailor made Digital Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises with the concept of Go Digital-Grow fast. These tools are simple and Easy to use, affordable with low Capital cost and result Oriented.

GCR’s digital tools for Small and Medium Enterprises can be deployed on a time-based subscription model and help businesses better connect with customers, help them in effectively managing resources, asset tracking and on-field video conferencing and Data Sharing.

“In an attempt to help MSME’s sustain their growth and profitability efficiently, GCR has come up with solutions which can be easily subscribed and used by them. These solutions further promise to bring about Business Transformation-The Digital way; a necessary and important aspect which Indian MSME’s need to inculcate”, said Prabodh Vyas, Director and Country Manager, GCR India.

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