How To Address Pain Points In Vendor-Partner Relation?

Partner Relation

Every vendor wants to see the channel partners operating as an extension to their brand. But resellers mostly are engaged in selling several brands and are heavily loaded. Even when resellers are exclusively selling a particular brand they always need support from the vendor to build a stronger market by creating a brand value for the product, solution or service.

This way the vendor can also ascertain themselves their brand is being taken care of. When vendors invest optimally in partner experience they can reap better ROI and address the pain points between the supplier (vendor)- reseller relationship with the right tools.

Help partners deliver what the vendor wants:

This can be achieved by aiding them in delivering a polished brand. Time is scarce for all involved in a supplier/reseller relationship. The scarcity of time along with resources makes the resellers forgo brand management and user experience. Vendors can help the resellers here by providing content, tools and applications can be used to sell the brand better. By doing this vendors in turn are benefitting as with their help resellers will be able to sell the brand better and run a good campaign.

Automating partner chain:

To avoid complexities surrounding direct sales system, most organizations rely on partner network comprising integrators, distributors, dealers, retailers, resellers and others. But best results can only be reaped when the partner network is adequately managed and coordinated, trained and incentivized. This requires a good partner management system. A partner management system enables partners to sell the vendor’s product and pitch its product more comfortably.
Today partner management systems are enhanced and come embedded with easy-to-use, web-based self-service tools which offers information and resources to the resellers. It is also useful in managing partner registration and on-boarding, ensure transparent accounting, record voice of partners and share information.
These smart tools actually offer maximum remuneration at minimal outages cost and also increase productivity.

Data can be used to improve campaigns:

Data analytics is extremely useful for a tech-enabled distribution. Data is imperative in modern day businesses. The Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools bring information to an organization from all corners including that of customers, business partners, competitors, suppliers and others. Now a days, analytics is smart can analyze enormous amount of data and deliver the most appropriate information.

A proper BI engine should be considered which can ensure seasonality, demand, market growth, brand performance etc.

When partner profiles are established on collected data, vendors can better support resellers in their effort to implement effective campaigns.

By making a combination of profile data of resellers with inputs from the field, vendors can get a clearer picture what activities would generate more lead and accordingly put it to practice. Vendors can also analyze sales data from different channel partners to see how one is performing as compared to another. With the aid of data partner program can be pushed in the desired direction.

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